Sustainable development in SME sector – competency raising actions

The new goals of the sustainable development of UN are determined in the global plan of action of the sustainable development, Agenda2030. In February 2017, the Finnish Government gave its own national statement to the parliament of implementing Agenda2030. The aim is a carbon-neutral, resource-wise and competent Finland where non-discrimination and equality is secured. One of the main targets is to produce environmentally-friendly services and innovations, promote their export, and develop low-emission economic sectors and transport models.

Prizztech Oy is participating in the project Sustainable development in SME sector – competency raising actions that will provide practical information about sustainable development for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in the Satakunta region. The aim is to boost the SME sector towards sustainable development, resource effectiveness, and low-carbon and circular economy.

The project consists of two work packages. In the first one, specific sustainable development survey forms are created and digitalized. The second WP is an educational pilot covering three main themes, i.e. the goals and targets of sustainable development, risk management, and circular economy. 

The result of the project is a systematic development model that increases the competence of the SMEs in sustainable development by using digital analyzing tools together with educational methods. The achieved sustainable development competence in the SME sector creates new business and new jobs, and boosts business growth in general.

Project managers Ulla-Maarit Jaakkola (TUT Pori), Tuula Raukola (Prizztech) and Jarmo Viitala (Prizztech). 

This is a co-operational project of the following partners: Tampere University of Technology (TUT Pori), Prizztech Ltd, and WinNova Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy Ltd.  The project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the City of Pori. 


Tuula Raukola

Specialist, circular economy

Tel. +358 44 710 5394